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Career Profile: Eszter Orban

IT infrastructure and data specialist recruiter Eszter Orban joined The Conexus Group's Pentasia brand in 2019. 

“It’s a great place to start - or continue - your recruitment journey”

  • ESZTER’S ROLE| Specialist recruiter focusing on IT Infrastructure and Data departments (including engineers, developers / mathematicians, data scientists and analysts)
    BACKGROUND| Started as Talent Sourcer / 4 year’s recruitment experience / Started in finance and accounting and changed to tech with Pentasia WHY CONEXUS? AND WHY MALTA?| “Pentasia’s focus on one professional market offered the chance to specialise in something new, and Malta’s medditeranean lifestyle, sunshine and beaches definitely added appeal!” WHAT DO YOU ENJOY ABOUT WORKING HERE?| “There’s a culture of autonomy and accountability in the work you do, with a team-oriented atmosphere that feels motivating.”   WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO OTHERS?| “It’s a great place to start - or continue - your recruitment journey, learn from the best and delve into this interesting and unique industry”

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