Covid-19: The Conexus Group’s Key Commitments

Covid-19: The Conexus Group’s Key Commitments

The Conexus Group, and our portfolio of businesses, is committed to delivering our full suite of services and ensuring continuity during the Covid-19 outbreak.

We consider our mission - ‘to enable valuable connections between people and businesses’ - more critical than ever in challenging times.

Priority will of course be placed on ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and clients.

In addition, our businesses’ key commitments are:

·         RECRUITMENT > Delivering 100% remote recruitment processes and offering assistance for employers to ensure hiring can continue if isolation measures are prolonged.   > Taking a ‘people-first’ approach, based on the strong belief that talent is critical for success in business, and more so in times of uncertainty. > Supporting change and transformation, with provision for businesses requiring specialist contract and interim talent. > Offering talent market insight and guidance, from our unique position as a global agency with networks across the gaming and payments industries.

·         TRAINING > Ensuring access to group (classroom) training through webinar formats. > Providing training services that are fully accessible remotely, including eLearning courses that ensure high skilled workforces. > Supporting clients to deliver key messaging and communications with employees through online learning portals.

·         CONSULTING & M&A ADVISORY > Continuing our focus on commercial opportunities to deliver growth for businesses in the gaming and fintech sectors.

·         EXECUTIVE SEARCH > Ensuring continued access to world-class leadership talent, as well as providing market-leading services for businesses to fill key senior positions.