About Us

M&A Advisory

We are a portfolio of world-class businesses specialising in the provision of recruitment, training, consulting and M&A Advisory services, within the Fintech and iGaming industries.

| The Conexus Group's portfolio of brands offers a powerful value proposition that helps our clients grow, transform and evolve throughout the business lifecycle

  • | 100+ People

    Our team of consultants and professionals are highly experienced and offer specialist skills and valuable insight

  • | 6 Global Locations

    We combine a global network with local service, operating from offices across Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific. 

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    | Established 2001

    Founded in 2001, we've committed to our key sectors and invested in growing our business for long term results

What We Do

An Integrated Suite Of Services

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Consulting & M&A Advisory

  • Executive Search & Interim

| The Conexus Group offers a powerful value proposition that helps our clients grow, transform and evolve throughout their lifecycle

      Global Network, Local Service | We operate from offices in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific | About Us

Our Mission

To enable valuable connections between people and businesses


“Enabling connections and sharing knowledge is what allows us to create value - it's at the heart of everything we do. ”

| Rob Dowling Co-Founder & CEO

Our Strategy

| We achieve impressive results for our clients by following our key strategic principles

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    Create Relationships, Not Just 'Transactions'

    | We invest in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships, ensuring they are never merely 'transactional'

  • Specialise: "Inches Wide, Miles Deep"

    | We focus our attention on markets, regions and services where our expertise is most highly valued

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    Add Value (At Every Opportunity)

    | We create connections and share our knowledge, seeking to add value wherever we spot potential

  • Continually Improve, Evolve & Innovate

    | We're always looking for ways to improve our offer in response to - and anticipation of - our clients' needs

Global Service, Local Network

The Conexus Group has a truly international footprint, with locations and networks based worldwide. Our team also travels hundreds of thousands of miles every year for conferences, meetings and events | Contact Us


Our Journey

  • 2001

    Pentasia Established

    Founded in 2001, Pentasia Recruitment soon expanded its team and locations alongside the fast-growing online gaming sector.

  • 2013

    Partis Launches

    Consulting and M&A advisory services provided with a joint London and New York base.

  • 2016

    The Conexus Group Formed

    The group of companies - now including Pentasia, Partis, Marden and IGA Training – comes under The Conexus Group name

  • 2018

    Pentasia Acquires Headcount

    iGaming specialist recruiter Pentasia acquires fintech recruitment consultancy, Headcount Recruitment

  • 2020

    VentureStep Launches

    Specialist consulting and M&A advisory services for Fintechs worldwide


We're Hiring

Work for The Conexus Group

We're looking for talented and ambitious people to join our team. The Conexus Group’s brands are consistently rated as top tier employers, and we’re proud of our ability to develop fulfilling and rewarding professional careers.

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We’re proud to support Oliver’s Wish foundation, which raises money for a range of charities focused on the support of children and young people.