May's iGaming success stories

May's iGaming success stories

In success stories, we profile some of the key stories in iGaming this month, focusing on areas of growth, resilience and innovation.

It’s been another positive month for iGaming, with Canada moving closer to legalising single events sports betting, new acquisition in the US and a profitable surge in bettor activity in Washington DC.

1 – Canada’s single-event betting bill passes second Senate reading. Bill C218, that will legalise single event sports betting in Canada will advance to the Standing Senate Committee on Banking, Trade and Commerce. Read more via iGB

2 –Esports Entertainment Group has acquired Bethard, a fast growing operator which generated $31m revenue in 2020. The acquisition, for which EEG were advised by Partis, will close on July 1, 2021. Read more via Partis

3 – Washington DC saw a betting revenue spike for April, with a 10.5% surge in activity. Players wagered $2.1m over the course of the month, however a 29.6% decline in stakes, meaning fewer bettors wagered were placed but for larger sums. Read more via iGaming News

4 – Lottoland has signed up for the All-In Diversity Project, coming on as a founding member. The initiative aims to promote diversity, equality and inclusion across the industry. Read more via iGB


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