Partis Consultant Eamonn Toland Publishes “Gripping” Book On Kindness

Partis Consultant Eamonn Toland Publishes “Gripping” Book On Kindness

Partis consultant Eamonn Toland has published a work of non-fiction entitled “The Pursuit Of Kindness: An Evolutionary History Of Human Nature.”

The book explores how, for most of humankind’s existence ‘survival of the fittest’ has actually meant ‘survival of the kindest’.

“It can be hard to believe that humans are naturally predisposed to kindness and collaboration,” writes Toland, but in fact “a plethora of data supports the idea that a rudimentary moral sense is innate.”

The Pursuit Of Kindness challenges Richard Dawkins’ view that “we are born selfish,” Whilst acknowledging commonly cited counter-arguments (slavery; genocide; the Ukraine war), the book shows that we in fact have an innate disposition towards kindness, even if we often fail to listen to it.

Described as a “gripping good read” by Alan Rinzler - Editor of Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee and Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye - and “entertaining, accessible and important” by Seán Black - best-selling author of the Lockdown series – the book is available now in the UK and later in 2022 in the USA.

iGaming & Kindness: What’s The Connection?

Toland describes himself as a “writer, strategy consultant, history nerd and former bookie.” But, how do all these roles fit together? The correlation isn’t immediately obvious.

"Working as a consultant in the online gaming industry might seem an unusual path for the author of an evolutionary history of kindness,” explains Toland.

“In fact, my work in iGaming has given me a tremendous insight into human nature and cognitive bias. The sports betting industry entertains millions of people, but it also has a responsibility to minimize harm to those most vulnerable to isolation and addiction."

Toland is one of the industry’s most respected consultants. Having formerly served as President of Paddy Power North America, he now specialised in strategy and market entry in the fast-emerging US sports betting and iGaming markets.

Purchase the book (UK): Liberties Press (Publisher) / Waterstones / Amazon

Puchase the book (US): Later in 2022

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