Payments Recruitment Specialist Headcount Joins The Conexus Group

Payments Recruitment Specialist Headcount Joins The Conexus Group

The leading payments and fintech recruitment agency, Headcount Recruitment, has become part of The Conexus Group following acquisition by Pentasia

Headcount will join our brand Pentasia, adding significant bandwidth and specialist focus to the Group's recruitment service provision. 

Demand for recruitment solutions is continuing to grow significantly in both iGaming and fintech, but there are also increasing synergies between the two sectors: tight regulation; data-centric cultures; and high volume environments to name but a few.

Talent regularly transitions between fintech and iGaming already, and there are signs the trend will only increase. Now though, as both sectors address emerging trends like cryptocurrency, information security and AI technology, this shared talent pool is set to expand further still. 


The introduction of Headcount adds further value for clients of The Conexus Group as part of our integrated suite of services covering recruitment, training, consulting and M&A advisory.

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