Pentasia‘s new football team!

Pentasia‘s new football team!

Pentasia has entered a budding new football team into the Malta-based PAI League, captained by Recruitment Consultant, Laurence Howell.

The PAI, or Pentasia All-In League, is sponsored by Pentasia and All-in Global in order to facilitate healthy competition between iGaming companies on the island of Malta. It’s also great fun!

Work hard play harder

A firm believer in the “human side of recruitment”, Laurence jumped at the chance to boost consultant-client relations, whilst blowing off some steam with a friendly game.

“First time any of us playing together!” Says Howell, recounting a particularly memorable match. “We lead the game 1-0 for most of the first half, but 2 goals just before half time and 2 goals just after half time put us 4-1 down. However, the sign of a team who doesn't back down and has tremendous spirit came into clear view as we bounced back to 5-4, even nearly doing the impossible and equalising a few times! In the end we lost 6-4, but we showed tremendous character and fight.”

Leaving it all on the field

Win or lose, matches create good memories and forge stronger bonds across teams and companies. Such an informal setting facilitates the growth of business and personal friendships without a boardroom setting, letting everything feel a bit more natural.

“The league will help us to form more relationships as the season progresses”  Howell continues, “and it is a great way for us to keep warm, less transactional relationships with clients. We come to know our clients as people not just money, and get more repeat business as a result.”

Doing business through the medium of sport is very much in keeping with the ethos of the iGaming industry: if something is worth doing then it should be fun! And if it is fun it is probably profitable too.

Football freedom

Success in this competitive environment is a bit of a double whammy, bringing glory and exposure to the winners and their representative organisations.

Its also a great incentive to keep fit and have fun playing football. Many of us grew up playing sports, but few of us get the opportunity to keep it up on the side, so the chance to represent your company is a great motivator for keen sportsmen and women.   

Laurence handpicked his team, gathering two contacts from BingoSoft, as well as Daniel Chapman of RoyceTech and several friends. Together, the team hope to work their way up through the leagues and bring back a shiny trophy or two.