Success Stories: iGaming - December 2021

Success Stories: iGaming - December 2021

In success stories, we profile some of the key stories in iGaming this month, focusing on areas of growth, resilience and innovation.

America has once again stolen the spotlight this month, capping off a record year of unprecedented growth! We also cover fresh growth in Europe, and social responsibility initiatives.

Bigtime Boosts To US Betting

Unprecedented exponential growth across the USA


Arizona has just released data showing the strongest sports betting opening in US history. Its first two months has seen it take in $777.3m in wagers, which is over twice the amount seen by the previous record holder, Virginia, which had $324.7m in its first two months. In October, these numbers got to $486.1m and $37.5m respectively.


Virginia players spent a record $427.3m (£323.4m) betting on sports in October. October’s handle was 50.5% higher than in September beating the previous monthly record of $304.1m set in March.

In November sports betting revenue tripled to $29.9m, up a staggering 205.1% from October and taking revenue beyond $100m since the state launched sports betting in January.


Delaware betting handle hits highest level since December 2019 in October, with consumers wagering $12.2m on sports.

Online gambling revenue reached its highest total so far in November, at $996,639 (£745,937), while player bets reached their highest level since March this year. Total revenue was 75.5% higher than $568,000 in November of 2020 and also 7.2% up from $930,093 in October this year.

New Jersey

New Jersey set a new sports betting revenue record for the second consecutive month in November after players wagered a total of $1.29bn (£969.5m/€1.14bn) across online and retail. Overall market revenue for the state amounted to $439.6m in November, up 52.2% from $288.9m in the same month last year, but down 2.0% from $448.7m in October this year.


Michigan records tumble in November as betting revenue reaches $54.1m. Consumers wagered a total of $437.8m (£329.0m/€386.4m) online on sports during the month, up 2.3% from the previous record of $463.3m set in October of this year.


Sports betting revenue in Washington DC amounted to a record $4.4m (£3.3m/€3.9m) in November, while data released by the DC Lottery also revealed a year-on-year rise in handle. Revenue was up 22.2% year-on-year from $3.6m in November 2020, with this amount also 175.0% higher than $1.6m in October this year.


Players wagered a total of $463.7m (£350.6m/€411.4m) in November, narrowly edging out the previous record of $461.1m set in October this year by 0.6%. The total was also 84.4% higher than $251.5m in November of last year.


Iowa hit a new highs in sports betting revenue and handle in November. Player spending on sports betting in the month amounted to $287.2m (£217.2m/€254.7m), beating the previous record of $280.9m set in October of this year by 2.2%. The November amount was also 229.4% higher than the $87.2m wagered by consumers in the same month last year.

Online betting accounted for $260.4m of the total wagers placed during the month, while players also spent $26.9m betting on sports at retail facilities across the state.


Illinois smashed its betting handle record in October with players wagering $840.4m. This represented a 93.5% increase from $434.4m in October of last year and surpassed the previous monthly record of $627.6m set in March this year by 33.9%. The Illinois Gaming Board said online bets accounted for $803.0m of all wagers placed during the month, with retail sportsbooks processing the remaining $36.9m.


Oregon’s sports betting app generated a record total of $4.4m in revenue in November, up 46.5% from October and 7.6% from November 2020. This is the highest revenue amount since the product launched, breaking a the record set in November 2020, when the app recorded revenue of $4.1m.

Oregon Lottery has recorded gaming revenue figures of $30.4m for the entirety of 2021, representing a 51.2% increase on the year before.


Pennsylvania's sportsbooks handled $761.6 million in wagers in November, the second highest figure ever for the state. November's wagers were up 54.8% from $491.9 million in November 2020. Online sportsbooks generated $704.1 million in November wagers.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has become the latest US state to set a new sports betting handle record in the month of October, with consumers wagering a total of $60.2m (£45.5m/€53.3m). The figure represents a 46.1% increase on the previous record of $41.2m, which was set in September of this year, while the total was also 73.5% higher than $34.7m in October 2020.


Consumers in Connecticut spent $54.1m (£40.7m/€47.9m) betting on sports online during the first 20 days of legal betting in the state. Players won $48.7m wagering online during October, which, after deducting federal tax payments and promotional bet costs, left $3.5m in revenue for the three licensed operators in Connecticut.


Players wagered $475.4m on sports during November, which was 3.3% less than the record $491.5m spent in October 2021, but more than double the $231.2m bet in November of 2020.

Consumers spent a total of $469.0m betting online during the month, while the other $6.4m was wagered at retail sportsbooks across the state.

French Football Frenzy

France is enjoying a particularly successful Q3

Euro 2020 helped boost French igaming GGR to €444.0m in Q3. France's gambling regulator, L’Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ), has reported gross gaming revenue (GGR) of €444.0m for the country's online gaming sector (£377.8m/$502.2m) the third quarter of 2021. This was an increase of 9.6% compared to the country’s Q3 2020 results,

Advertising Activists 

BGC teams up with tech giants to enhance advertising safeguards

The Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has launched an adtech forum with several operators, designed to see how technology can help protect children and vulnerable people online.

The forum will look build on the commitments made in the Sixth Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising, which demands that operators ensure all sponsored or paid for social media adverts are aimed at people aged 25 and over.


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